Reducing animation length

I’ve got an animation set up and I want to cut the number of frames in half, so as to complete the animation in half the time. I think all I need to do is scale the ipo curves in the horizontal direction–as seen in the ipo window-- only, but I can’t figure out how to do this. Whenever I try to sacle them, I can only get them to scale in both directions at the same time, which screws everything up. What am I missing?


Just like in the 3D view: SKEY to Scale, then scale slightly along the X axis, click MMB to restrict to that axis. Watch the indicator in the header for the percentage. After it’s scaled, you’ll have to grab the whole lot and move them back to the original start point.

You can use K in the IPO editor to get control over stacked keyframes.

The MapOld:MapNew sliders in the Anim/Playback panel (S-shaped arrow in the Buttons window header) can also be used to remap an animation’s playback scaling.

Or see the Time Ipo