Reducing face count from Dynamic Topology Sculpt

Hi - I am using the dynamic topology button in sculpt mode because I have an N-gon face in a mesh as using the multiresolution modifier has distorted results, once I have done the sculpt it has many faces somewhere around 1.5 million I need to reduce this amount for animation, do I use the Decimate modifier? Should I use the blender wiki on google or is there a video or web page someone can recommend for a newbi like me :), Thank you all.

Retopology pass manually.

For this I am have similar wondering. For animations (or game character) would we be able to just use decimate modifier then bake normal map without seeing disfiguration? Or would we be better to just have manually retopo?

I read on internet people suggest triangle meshes for low low poly models, then bake on the high poly model and the difference will be hard to see. True?

Sorry to “hijack” post, but I feel my question is similar, and clarification of it will help me and OP with problems.


For static meshes you could get away with some decimation. For animations you need the best topology to control deformations when animating. In that case you need to retopologise.

What is a good method for retopo by manual?

I see CGcookies new contours add-on and looks easy for large forms, like arms, torso, leg, but what would be a good way to do small and delicate like areas like ears, or eyes? Have to use just 100% manual with starting from scratch?


pretty much yeah, if you really want great topology you’d do best going over it manually. It can be a chore but once you nail your workflow down, you’d breeze through it. I’d suggest using the F2 addon- makes everything much faster.

Using Bsurfaces is a good way to speed up the Process. Here’s a tut from Youtube

I found a way to do what I needed I don’t know if it will be good for you BigHornUnicorn but does this sound workable for you, I had about 6,000 faces after a decimate modifier using collapse mine went to about 0.04 for ratio then CTRL+F and triangulate faces, the CTRL+F and tris to quads to reduce the face count some more by about 1,000 now I can use multiresolution on the mesh. Thanks to everyone, now I have something new to learn about topology and the new F2 tool.