Reducing file size

Hello community.

I am trying to upload an image. However I believe I have stepped over the file limit. What puzzles me is that it was a relatively simple test render with only a tree, two 2 planes, and two lights. I have sampling set to 30. But for some reason the file size is over 2 MB and it is a PNG. What am I doing to make this so large.

Use a higher compression ratio. PNG uses a lossless compression algorithm, so no need to be shy. In addition to that: Can you lower the resolution?

And for the record: The size of an image file does not really depend on the subject it shows. In the end a pixel is a pixel, regardless of what colour it has (there are exceptions, though, if the image contains large unicoloured areas, which compress very nicely in PNG).

This is the third thread you’ve started on the very same subject. STOP IT !!!
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