Reducing poly count in my car model

Hey, I am fairly new to blender and have a conceptual question for you all. Eventually, I want to create a car game in BGE and am currently working on a car model that I can use for that. I’ve got a high polygon model done for the most part (check out the rendered pic below). However, I would like to reduce the poly count without losing a lot of the detail. Can someone suggest a good course of action for me? I know that you can bake normal maps from high poly models onto low poly models. Is this what I should do? Also, I would appreciate any good tutorials to help me learn the techniques for the next steps I need to take.



Normal maps and bump maps would probably be your best bet, there’s decent instructions on how to do this in the wiki manual. You may also want to look at some ways to implement LOD (level of detail).

If you post a wireframe shot of your model, we might be able to see areas with needlessly high polycounts and point areas you could fix.

I’m not overly familar with the BGE though, so others may have some better ideas.

Duplicate the model and delete the subsurf modifier.Do not change its position, it needs to surround the hipoly. Now you can delete any unnecessary polygons and vertloops that aren’t critical in defining the shape, making it as lowpoly as it needs to be. Keep in mind that it should be easy to uv-unwrap.