Reducing poly count issue

Hello all! Interesting question for you: I have previously used the ‘delete edge loop’ tool to remove detail from cylinders like the one in the below image, the issue is that it no longer works… I recently upgraded to 2.67b (on Ubuntu 13.04) and the delete edge loop tool no longer works, it will only allow me to remove a single edge loop instead of the ones selected in the image. I have installed all the way back to 2.66, which I know is farther back than needed. I have all but given up on the delete edge loop tool and was wondering if anyone had another way to do the same thing (decimate is not going to work as it does whatever it wants and I need a bit more control as the meshes are rather strange); any help would be super appreciated!

In 2.68a , it would be X -> Dissolve Edges then press F6 and enable the “Dissolve Verts” option , but Edge Loops would work too.

For 2.67b, if X -> Edge Loops does not work, you must first be in Edge Selection mode, then press X -> Dissolve , and press F6 and enable “Dissolve Verts”

Sanctuary, you are a gentleman and scholar; I cannot thank you enough!