Reducing polygon level

I have made a model with 400 thousand polygons and now want to reduce it down again because I would like to edit it in Edit mode:)
Thanks a lot

A few options.
Retopologise your mesh using the shrink-wrap modifier and vertex snap tools
Manually delete edge loops and merge faces
Use the decimate modifier
Open in blender 2.49 and use the poly reducer script

I tryed the shrink-wrap modifier and it somehow mad it in to a plan.
Making it manually would be lots of hard work with 400 000 polygons:(
But I will probably end up doing this if there is no other way:((
But thanks anyway
Dose any one else know of a different method?

Use the shrinkwrap modifier on a separate object, like a simple box model you build around your mesh, and name your target as the mesh object that is the high poly one. You can then edit your simple mesh and extrude, slide, etc. the parts to get your lower poly mesh worked out.

Thanks for the how-to you gave me (now i now how to use the shrink-wrep modifier:) ) but the result I get is realy bad.

Dose any one else know of a different method?

use retopo to make a low poly mesh and then bake the normals of the high poly one onto the low poly one

Thanks for the tip but It seams that retopo is only in blender 2.49 .Is this correct? (I have Blender 2.57)

But I almost found the right thing:) The Decimate modifier almost dose what I want.Only problem is that it triangulates the howl model:(
Is there a way of making the faces square again?

Retopo is a 2.49b feature yes, but there’s something that work nearly the same way in 2.57b, the “Snap” function that unlike 2.49b in which you need only to press 1 button to enable it, you needs a few step to activate the Snap retopo :
Get into edit mode and click on this drop down menu :

Select “Face” instead of the default “Increment”

Finally, tick those 2 buttons :

Then you’ll be able to retopo.
Of course once you’re finished, tick those buttons to turn the Snap retopo off and reset “Increment” in the drop down menu

You might try a build with Nicholas Bishop’s remesh modifier patch and see if that might work.

demo here:

@Robsoie:Hey thanks for your work on trying to explain me how to do this.Only one problem (maybe I am just to dumb) what do I have to do after clicking on those two buttons?

@Crazycourier:The build would not work on my system since I have 32bit:(
Thanks anyways@crazycourier

I assume you have never made a retopo from the question you’re asking me.
See michaelw excellent explanations on how it works there to get you started :

Retopo is not a quick process, but that’s what will give you the most control on your model.

@Robsoie:Thanks now I think I understand what you mean:)
But it is more work to retopo the model then to just re model it:(
I was just hoping when I started this post that there would be something like the subdivision surface modifier just opposite way around.

If you don’t want to take the time to retopo, despite it would be the best solution, try the decimate modifier and see if after convert all the tris in quads the mesh does not become ugly.