Reducing Repetitive Textures

I am working on an indoor factory scene and just started and am working on the floor right now. I am currently just using a tile-able texture that repeats, and it looks good, but it has some repetitive patterns that don’t look good. I could just make a REALLY huge texture or edit out the repetitive parts of the texture, but neither of those are viable options in my opinion.

Is there a way to fix this?

My render:

My node setup:

Thanks for the help!

I don’t really see the repetition, and overall it looks pretty good. You could add some procedural noise, get a larger tileable texture, or increase the scale of the existing texture by putting a mapping node between texture corrdinates and the image texture.

Also, the normal map should be set to ‘non-color data’ and should also be plugged into the normal input on the glossy node (unless you are going for a outer varnish type coat)

Oh, I see it now i was looking in the wrong direction. I think you could just increase the scale some.

If you haven’t been (or someone else) has nice collection of textures, many of them tileable. This is the wood section.

One way would be to get some additional tilleable texture, make it slightly bigger than what you got (but not a multiple of it) and mix it with what you already have in a way that modifies the original; it will still tile, but will repeat much less often. Or even just mix some procedural noise some way.

Thanks guys for the suggestions.

@blenderallday - I agree, it’s not that bad and when I am finished with the entire scene, it won’t be a problem, but it still bugs me a little.

@TiagoTiago - You’ve got my attention, do you mind elaborating on that a little more? I don’t fully understand what you’re getting at. It sounds like it might be a solution.

I would say leave it. I see the repetitions, but no one viewing it would unless you mention it. It looks clean as is.