Reducing the angle between vertices.

How can I approach selected vertices with reference to the origin of the object? When I do scale it approaches the straight. I want the approach reducing the angle between them.

not sure what you mean, however you can add loopcuts and dissolve other edges, or you can press g twice or shift v to slide.

Wow Koumis, nice tips! Thank you!

Set the 3D cursor to the origin (snap to selected in Object mode). Set pivot to 3D cursor. Select the vertices in edit mode. “R” to rotate.

Hi! When I use “R”, the vertices move to same direction. When I use “Shift” + “V” or “G” twice, the vertices move to the center, and it’s that I want. Tank you SteveM!

How I close this thread? :slight_smile:

pretty sure he meant this

Nice video JA12! Tank you!