reducing the verts and faces for output

Hi All,

Forgive for my naive description. I am looking for info on how to take a model that is huge with verts and faces and reduce the size for camera work and export. I heard a lesson where someone briefed about doing that in a ‘by the way’ but could not find a tutorial or the syntax key word to look for to learn about it.

I ended up with a model with 1.5m verts and faces and wondered how to get a reduced size to KF with the camera as to make it a swift and light animation… Am I dreaming?

First try entering edit mode, select the desired vertices and click Mesh->Clean Up->Limited Dissolve and adjust the Max angle in the “T panel” on the left hand side of the window. The other Clean Up menu options, such as Degenerate Dissolve, might help depending on your model.

Another good method would be to select the desired vertices and click Mesh->Edges->Un-subdivide. Good luck!

PS. Be sure to back up your file before doing either of these. It will be irreversible once you save.