reducing the video size

Well iam using a SVN build i guess … which has the new mesh deform tool which is not there in the official realse yet… well in that there is no option for .mov file and also when i render the video for my animation in Jpg Avi… the output is comin pretty large… its like 19mb for a 10 second video… so is it normal or is there any way i can have a smaller size???

Are you using lare image formats - you might try rduing them to 800x600 kinda thing maybe?

That sounds pretty normal. In order to have more compression, use AVI codec. Some of the codecs suck, so I would experiment.

A good workflow is to render the animation as an AVI Raw or image sequence, then open it in the Video Sequence Editor and render that with a codec (this way, if the codec sucks, you didn’t waste as much time, and you still have a high quality video to try again with).

One codec that especially like is Xvid, which has an extreme compression ratio and no artifacts (just a little loss of fidelity). You can get it here: