redundant gpu question

Hello everyone, I know this has been asked quite a bit but I can’t find a direct answer to my question.
I’ve been using a gtx 580ti for sometime now and am ready to upgrade. I like nvidia but the the new rx 480 looks very intriguing, 8gb for like $239!

My question is, does blender Now have good support for AMD, or rather open cl i guess? (using cycles) When I bought my 580, blender didn’t work so well with something other than cuda. Now years later It seems its working well, but I just wanted to clarify for my particular question. Also how does the performance compare, does 1 stream process = 1 cuda core?

please don’t direct me to the cycles benchmark

Features currently supported:

YAFU, thank you for the link. Defiantly looks like Nvidia has a step up on AMD. Will probably go that route. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Anyway people working on ArchVIZ projects mentioned that work well with AMD. In addition if I’m not wrong, now OpenCL supports environmental HDRi lighting in recent builds.

And here “matali” is saying that from master it also supports Transparent shadows:

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