Redundant Thread: Moderators feel free to delete this thread

Hey all,
I’ve finally gotten myself in gear and started this new project. To show how determined I am to see this through to completion, I have even gone out of my way to use space on the google sites servers with a website - which will serve other purposes later on - that is going to be the home of the project. I would like this thread to perhaps bring a few people who would be willing to contribute to the project, however making this a team project is something I won’t be ready to do for about a month, I’d like to build a really strong starting point and try to showcase my ability, heck, while I’m here, I’m not fishing for jobs but, y’know… :smiley:

And now I dread clicking “submit new thread”, because in all my 16 years I haven’t ever taken criticism for my Blender works… and if your honest people :confused:, I know there will be alot.

Anyway, be sure to check it out:

Looks good!

nice it looks good from the viewing

Looks good from what I can see!