Redundant timeline in 2.80?

In version 2.8 the timeline and dope sheet editor look exactly the same, except one has circular keyframe points. Is there any actually practical difference between the two or is the dope sheet now the timeline and they just kept the timeline option around for fun?

I think you’d have trouble keeping track of all of your different bones on a timeline view. And I don’t think you’d be able to actually see where the keyframes were for a whole rig on a default-sized timeline view. Nor do they have identical tools or options (timeline’s sync option is especially important for visualizing timing vs visualizing detail unless you’re running a supercomputer.) But if you’re perfectly happy with a dope sheet instead, do it and save a startup, cool.

What do you mean “if” exactly? There’s only one option in 2.80+: the dope sheet, so there’s no if, I’m just automatically stuck with it.


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Did you read my question? The basis of it very clearly says that the dope sheet and timeline looks exactly the same. So as far as I see, there is no timeline option, there’s a dopesheet option, then a second, redundant dope sheet option.

You have to lose the attitude if you want help.

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You mean the same attitude that prevented you from being respectful by putting in the basic effort to read what I posted? Look if you’re not even going to have that basic level of courtesy, I don’t want your “help,” which so far hasn’t been actually helpful. You obviously spend a lot of time here, so if you’re too tired to take a question seriously, don’t address it, take break from this site.

If all of us that were fed up with your attitude took a break from the site, who’d be left besides you?

If that many people are used to getting away with being toxic, would it actually be bad thing if everyone left? Look at what you did even. You had a perfectly legitimate chance to be on-topic and courteous, but what did you choose to do? you choose to derail and troll.


Anyhow, good luck with your problems.

And you came back to my thread yet again just to troll, yet again proving my point. That’s exactly why most people skip asking this site and go to reddit and stackexchange.

For adjusting keyframes you can basically use them interchangeably. They do have slightly different options available, though. The dopesheet doesn’t have the playback options like the Timeline does. The timeline doesn’t have the filtering options that the dopesheet does.

Personally, with the animation 2020 project, I hope they just merge the two into a single editor.

Except they don’t, therefore your question is invalid. Yet again.

Right, that’s true for the 2.79 version, but when I open 2.80 and look at the dope sheet, then the timeline, they both look exactly the same.

I’m talking about 2.8.

Closed while the @moderators review the behavior on this topic.


Quick disclaimer, i havent used blender a whole lot since 2.8 was first released, so im not very familiar with the new timeline, but from what i can tell they do seem very similar on the surface.

I agree, i like the new timeline, and with them becoming as similar as they have, it’d not surprise me if they did decide to merge them into one tool.

But back to the reason im here in the first place. @AskBlenderQuestions, if you want to recive help, then i suggest you structure your questions properly. What you’re doing here is complaining, and when someone gives you a light smack for your attitude, you simply lose it and go off on them, which is not a way to handle it.

It seems to me like you’re very upset by their similarity. If you miss the old timeline, then its just a matter of collapsing the dropdown menu on the left, as such:

This is practically idential to what it used to be back in 2.79, so problem solved.

If you simply question their similarities, then thats a completely valid thing to do, but if so, you should structure your thread with a goal of figuring out what significant differences there actually are, and if you, and the community fails to find any, then you may conclude that the timeline is as you call it, redundant.

I think its best to keep this thread closed. @AskBlenderQuestions if you want to try again, and explore the differences and similarities between the dope sheet, and the timeline, then i encourage you to create a new thread, but try to stay positive.
If the timeline is similar enough to label it redundant, then the developers are likely considering removing it entirely.