Redwall char

I liked the red wall books back when I read them and I always thought it would make a great movie. now that I have blender skilles I decided to make an attempt at a modle martin(the main charicter of several books). this is so early in the prosess that this is nothing more than a test for fabric and hair physics. this is my first sucessful soft body clothing so far. what do you think?

That’s probably a really good attempt, considering how hard working with fur and such can be. I suggest really detailing the feet etc. and be carefull to get it so that it will pose well.

i suggest him to be slightly shorter than rest of charecters if you plan on doing more

on your second try work on the porporsioning but other than that i love it

He doesn’t look mousy enough. Way too humanoid imo. I read the books as well (haven’t read the newest yet though) and in the illustrations above each chapter, the mice looked way more mousy. Definantly give him little claws on the toes, make his robe a bit longer, the insides of the ears should be pink. The rest of the head look OK. Also, the fingers should be way shorter, make them mousey.

Great idea, as a test it looks pretty good.

If you’re going to attempt to recreate the books, I’d recommend that you re-read them and write down the different actions your character will need to do. Will he need full claws to claw into something? Do the paw “fingers” new to be separate, or can you make them all one (for ease)? Things like that. That way you’ll have a model ready for whatever you’ll recreate. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked on a character only to get 1/4 of the way into something and go, “Geez… Forgot that I’d have to get him to do such-and-such. Maybe I can remodel that in. Oh drat, I can’t, because the rest of the scene is already setup.”

Anyway, just a tip.

Lookin’ good, though. Consider the crits above though. :slight_smile:

tha mice are slightly smaller than the rats and badgers

dude, my sister is the worlds biggest redwall fan! no kidding, she just got his newest book autographed! I read a few, and they were good. This looks awesome so far!!