Reeve edgeloop help

I’ve been working on this for about 45 min. now, and I’m getting into some of the same problems I always do, I’ve pointed it out in the last image this section, between the jaw line and cheek I always run out of edges to work with.
If anyone has any Ideas it would be appreciated, I’m trying to get some what decent loops going, advice would be great
-doesnt much look like Reeve yet, I’m hoping after I get the geometry in I can move stuff around

Just add in another loop with the loop cut tool (cntrl + r) at the corner of the mouth and continuing on back.
Looking great as it is, very nice loops.

Ham you have so many projects going on I don’t even know if you will finish them or not.
Good start. For the problem I would do this

Some useful suggestions on edgeflow design by Steven Stahlberg:

"This is what my research has led me to believe to be the basic lines that have to be accounted for. The blurry lines illustrate that there is some leeway there. The lines at D are not vital, just shown FYI.
This image shows very clearly the direction of grain in the skin around mouth and nose, and the topology needed for the smile (the most extreme deformation of that area). No difference for male faces.
You can see it’s slightly different at the chin from the sketch above, that’s why that area in the sketch is blurry - this area can show some slight individual variation.
The ‘laugh-lines’ are the most important ones, but the squint lines can be useful too. See attached

Giangmatrix - Luckily this is a hobby for me, I’m still learning, (I finished my hybrid creature, was very proud of that)

Mr_bomb - I read that you should try to keep quads a the corner of the mouth, I’m trying to find a way of doing this with out having to add xtra.

shadowman99 - thank you very much that will be very useful

heres a little bit more

The hair is just temporary, need to work on ears now, thinking maybe I need to widen the face some, and the stress at his brows needs to be decreased

Getting closer I think?

Its looking good! I would fix the earlobe length, its too long, and the mouth is a bit too low. The chin is also a little week in yours. Also when you do you join the two meshes together remember to create assymetry. Its present in his face and will really help with the realism of the face. I posted this on cgtalk, but they are undergoing some sort of maintence now so I’m not sure if my post went through.

Womball - Thanks, now thats a critique, thank you!

Thank you. New crit is up at the cgtalk mirror of this. It covers other aspects you should correct. I am good at nitpicking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s another update