Reference Iamges

I have tried and cant find anything useful in google. do any of you know any FREE sites.

what do you need a reference image for?

Google image-search for “blueprint”:

Google image-search for “blueprint and Audi”:

Google image-search for “blueprint and plane”:

Google regular web-search for “free blueprints”:

…and so on


What do you want reference images of ?
Pencil Sharpener ? Paper Cup ? Spleen ? Baboon ? Flea Circus ? Thimble ? Christmas Cracker ? 3 legged dog in a tutu ? My uncle Bob ? etc etc
The most appropriate answer may be dependent on your choice.

If you ask a question please ask a real question, not something so vague

Heres a couple of sites

Well i need a general site but in specific i need guns and maybe a good pirate ship