Reference Image/Blueprint

How would I go about setting up a background reference image/blueprint? Example, car blueprints. I did try setting the “Background Image” in the “View” tab. However when I applied it, Blender began lagging way too much. Is that for something else? What did I do wrong?

Load it into the UV image editer instead.


I don’t know how much modeling you will be able to do with the image in the UV editor.

What file format, and what is the file size? If you have a huge photo you are using, you may be able to simplify the image by converting to gray scale and saving as jpeg.

Best of Luck!

You can set up a plane with your image uv mapped on it. You will have to set the display to show the texture in the work space. That should not slow down the display as much. The background image slowdown is common with some hardware. There is a script that sets up a 3 or 4 sided box with your sized blueprints, mapped and ready to go. I don’t have a link but I think you could find it with a search.
found it