Reference image object origin

It seems the reference image object origin is unmovable: If I use SET ORIGIN TO 3D CURSOR, or Grab with “Affect Only: Origins” on, nothing happens.

Is this correct, or pilot error?

Yeah, that’s correct. It’s an Empty, it doesn’t have any actual geometry. You can only drag the contents in 3D viewport by grabbing the center ‘X’ or adjust Offset X/Y in object data properties. I guess no one thought to implement origin manipulations for this “fake” geometry.

In this case (Reference Image) it’s inconvenient because after scaling the image, the origin is quite far away from the image itself.

Is there a way to adjust the offset of the image in relation to the Empty origin?

Err… I literally just told you how :thinking:

It was not clear to me that you were referring to the data properties of the jpg versus the Empty.

Those are not properties of the jpg. Those are object data properties. Of the Empty. :slight_smile:

“Object Properties” vs “Object Data Properties”.

Nomenclature only an engineer could love. :angry:

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I solved the problem like this:
1 - added the mesh Plane in the back of my image.
2 - Gave the image some transparency.
3 - I adjusted the Plane so its origin point (center) matched the place in my scene where I wanted the origin of my image to be located.
4 - Adjusted the image so the place (pixel) where I wanted the origin point, to match the origin point of my Plane.
5 - Made the image parent to my Plane.
6 - Transformed the Plane. The image automatically followed the Plane’s transformation.

You are a genius! Thank you.