Reference image problem

Hey I’m trying to model the attachment called deltafalcon.jpg

and I’m trying to follow a ‘tutorial’ of sorts and he has set up blender to view the image called modeling001.jpg.

How can I set up mine so that I can view it like his?

Thanks in advance.


In the 3D view properties (N) go down until you see “background images”.
Tick the checkbox and then click “Add Image”.
Click the arrow before “Not set” and open your image.
Now, on the 3D view, go to front, side, back, top, any of the NumPad predefined viewports and click on NumPad 5 to change to the Ortographic view (check on the top left corner).

Hope it helps.

The main challenge here is that you are trying to make a model off a drawing. Problem is that to transfer it into 3D model you need good perspective reference. Unfortunately this drawing is made with eyeball perspective. It is difficult to base 3D model on it. You are going to need to make things up!

I tested Camera Matching on this thing. With Blender 2.5x you need to put the background image on to the camera and go from there. I had to rotate the image somewhat so that horizon line came out flat. I totally ignored vertical vanishing point. Camera focal length came out to be about 16 for the initial cube to fit onto the image:

I split the cube in half, added mirror modifier, and then started to add some detail form. Wing was a problem because base image is drawn and not accurate. If you fit the geometry to one side, the other side comes out way off! So I kind of averaged it out: