Reference images

Okay so here it is have my reference images all sized up perfectly and put into blender.

i know that blender scales the image to its width at 5 blender units default

so my question is how to scale the side and the top image perfectly to size and for that i need to use some maths which i’m not very good at.

i need the height of the front image and back image to be the same in the veiwport as the side image but as of yet can’t get it??

My front image is 252x208 and my side image is 488x208 i tried the formula 488/208*5 =11.73 but that didn’t work image was slightly too short

i could do it by eye but where’s the fun in that :smiley:


Use 488/252*5 =9.6825.


If you have the Sizes of the original Car you can take those values/2.
This way you have a correct scale to reality.
For example if the Car is 3.5m long and 1.5m wide, you can scale your picturesize to 1.75 in the Sideview and 0.75 in the Frontview.

One Blender Unit would be 1m then


awsome worked sweet 9.68 there perfect cheers for the info :smiley: