Reference Model Q

I’ve read where you’re supposed to use reference models. My questions are as follows.

Does the reference model have to a photo of a real person?
If so, what if you can’t get a front view, and side view shot of them?
Can you use a diagonal view for some of the face depth indicators?
Does the face have to be neutral? Not smiling, frowning, etc is hard to find.
Or can you use something either someone else, or yourself has drawn?

I’ve been wondering about these for awhile…

If you are talking about using a reference image to model faces in general, it doesn;t necessarily have to be a real person. It’s best to have a front and side view, but if that’s not possible, get as many refence pics as you can and use your best judgement to model it. It’s best to model the face neutral, and afterward add keys for diffent facial expressions.

If you’re asking this question in reference to a contest or something with specific rules, then just forget what I told you.

no, but it generally should though, I read somewhere that you must use a real object, but i don’t know why, probably because the cg version is never 100% true to the reference, and then if you’re going by something that isn’t true to the reference, then it would end up even less true.

The purpose of a reference is to give the artist a clear un-bothered view of what the object/person really looks like, so that he can interprete that and make his model.

That is just my opinion, but following that, use whatever you want that give you CLEAR understanding of the underlying structure and form of whatever you are trying to model.

Having Front and side is good because you can get it to match up to your model if you are having trouble, but for the most part I feel they are there as a reminder so you can keep the source object clear in your mind as you are making changes and building the model, and for that you just need clear HQ photo’s.

Multiple views is nice as we can figure out what is perception and what is reality easier, but overall you want a pose /angle /ect of whatever gives you the best understanding and vision of the underlying object’s structure and form.

Yeah. Exactly. Reference to model a face in general. I ask about front & side, since it seems like the most popular way to pose for a photo is anywhere from and smiling, a little off-center, all the way to diagonally. Very rarely will someone be shot from the “pure” side. %|

Yeah, I kinda thought neutral would be best. As unnatural, and uncommon as that is to find shots of. Modeling someone smiling would really wreak havoc, I’d imagine. Well, maybe the only that’d work is if someone was modeling The Joker. He’s ALWAYS smiling no matter what he’s doing. :smiley:

Nope, no contest. Just me not wanting to bark up the wrong tree during my own personal endevours. No rules, other than what I’ve set up for myself. :wink:

The reason I ask about diagonal shots other then the one I talked about above is that sometimes I see stuff in a diagonal shot that isn’t seen in the front, and side pics of someone. Like a cheekbone, the curvature of the jaw, or something like that.