Reference object for textures

In Maya, you can have an object that is used as a texture reference object for another one that is being distorted. For example, object A has a camera projected texture. Object B has the same topology but it’s being modified, distorted and the texture will follow the modifications on the geo, like if the texture was baked. Without this system, the texture would not be distorted with the object because it’s being projected.

Kind of hard to explain.

Anyway to do that in Blender without baking?

EDIT: found a solution. I project the UVs from the camera. Then I can distort my geo as I with. I works in this particular case but I would still like to find a solution for other situation.

If I understand what you are trying to achieve then it is possible using the UV project modifier to project the UV’s onto one object, and the Data Transfer modifier grab the UV’s that you have projected.
I’ve included a really quick setup to do this.
UV_Transfer.blend (720.1 KB)
This is just a UV project and a UV transfer both of which you should be able to search for more info.

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Yeah! That would work too for projected but it wouldn’t work if the original object had procedural 3D texture.