reference pics?

I am trying to add a reference pic but the only way i found was use background image and it isn’t allowing me to add a top, AND side and front. I want it so that if i change my view the pic changes as well. help please?

you cant rotate a reference pics, theyre stills, you need a thing called a blueprint (my preference), they have the front,side, top, bottom, etc on one picture so your set, heres the link :slight_smile:

i have a blue print. it has the top side and front. My problem is I finally got it fixed by making 3 views one for each background pic but im not sure how to line them up? I cut the blueprint up in photoshop to seperate the 3 views but now im stuck on matching them in blender

so you know how to split the window right, so separate them enough for a front window, side window, and top window, and use the background properties to offset the background image to your liking, then do one side at a time, if im not solving your problem, i would like to, so put up some screenshots so i get a better picture

well thank you for your dedication to finding me a solution. OK so i have 4 view, front side, and top. all of them are pretty much lined up. I am using this blue print The problem is im not so sure that blue print is accurate. if you look at side slopes of the hood in top and front view. The top view one looks like the slope is consistent in width the whole length of the hood. The front view on the other hand looks like it gets smaller towards the front of the car. Is this a very good blueprint? or better question is this a good blueprint for someone who is just starting to use ref pictures? I also noticed that it seems like one side of the car isn’t perfect to the other. I modeled the hood and then mirrored it and it didn’t come out matched up with the other half.

lol i totally see it, well dude, i think you should get the basic form of the car from the blue print, but when it comes to details like your hood situation, i would just do it the way i like it to be, do your own hood design similar to the fod shelby gt500 aha be original :smiley:

haha alright thanks for your help :eyebrowlift:

no problem :slight_smile: