Reference Pics

Okay guys I’m making a bleach-style characters 3d fighting game and you can check them out at my profile. I’ve made a female base mesh and can now edit it to any character I want. :cool: But I need some good reference pics, one that shows front and side. So is there anyone who can help me out? You just need to sketch ichigo or byakuya or any anime character with proper anatomy and proportions. :yes: Please help!!

If you need reference pics for human, visit .

Yeah I know that, but what I’m looking for is Manga Anime pics…Any links for that?

If you’ve already got the proportions of the body as it looks like you do in your other thread, then the details don’t need to come from front/side reference, any picture should do. You’ll have to get creative. If you’re not making an EXACT character, then you should be able to pick and choose elements from anime style characters as a whole, and there are a lot of pictures of anime characters on the internet.

That’s a very hard resource to look for. Luckily, I found a couple of links that will get you in the right direction.

This link isn’t Bleach related but just in case…

The links my or may not help you but, meh I tried.

Thanks XeroShadow!! You’re a real life-saver, man!! :cool: