Reference pictures for video game characters and such?

Is there a particularly good place to get front and side views of video game characters, such as Final Fantasy or Mario or anything, really?

Got3d - Free Textures - Free Character References
Photos: Rhinoplasty Before After Pictures
Human Anatomy Pictures for Artists Online

Best of Luck!!

Those are very helpful, thank you. First one doesn’t work, though.
Are there video game characters refs on those somewhere that I can’t find?

Sorry about the dead link (removed). No game chars, just people modeling resources.

Anything for celebrity pictures (front and side)?

For some stange reason, celebrities tend to avoid having photos taken that look like mug shots. Go figure. If you find any, you’ve found a rarity. :wink:

i saw a real funny one when Braveheart was arrested. I would bet there’s a site like, or may Enquirer online.

There is! You win! It’s a porn site! Still, no straight on front or side views to use as references pictures…