Reference Pictures

I’ve been thinking that so many people want to model something but they don’t have any reference pictures.

Well…this is where I want to start a whole topic just on reference pictures.Try and put on every one you have.
I’ll put some on when I find them.


Not again…
Did you search?

Here’a a list…,794,794&ei=UTF-8

WOW!!! :o Thanks alot for those!!!You must have been searching alot!!!

Anytime I com across a good texture website, I bookmark it. So during the past 10 months I have add these to my bookmark. And that is what I posted.

You know, I never even thought about bookmarking textures like that.
It’s a good idea, if i need to model something, chances are I’ll have some pics.

Now, dont laugh at my noob question, but…where do you find the image url???
I know its sad that I dont know that, but please tell me

What do you mean by “image URL”.

I mean what you type in between the Img tags.

He’s a list of BBD tags…

But when you post a topic or reply, look near the top of the screen, click the “Img” button for the tag.

Thanks that really helped!! 8)