Reference pictures

Hey everyone…im starting a new mdoeling project(got sick of the Trex…ill return to it but need to take a break at least until my new comp arrives)

anyways…my new model is going to be a human skeleton ontop of a horse skeleton

yes…for those who already guessed im going for the old west ghost rider <–inspiration

Im starting on what i view will be the hardest two parts(the skulls) and starting with the hardest of these the human one(we all KNOW what a human skull looks like so it has to be right)

anyways im having a hard time finding reference images that line up…the best front/side veiws i have are drawings but even drawings of the same skull/type dont match up so i have having a hard time trying to model it) any ideas or better images?

See if these male skulls will do they’re 800 x 800 px. I’ll see if I can locate some horse skulls. The profiles are no problem but the straight on shot for the horses might not be so detailed as the front of the horse’s skull angles down sharply. :yes:


Horses for ya!


AH aweomse thanks whered you find these?

The human skulls I already had, and probab;y got them through a Google or Yahoo image search long ago.
The horse skulls were a little more difficult. Google and Yahoo only wanted to come up with the profile shots so I searched normally and looked up equine anatomy and founds these on a university site.

Nice skulls, cipher_X, much better than the skull in the wiki from Grey’s Anatomy. Good find. Thanks.