Reference sheet image for sculpting, from all views.

How can I set up a reference image visible from all views from scultping. I’ve been using multiple image planes in texture mode, but it’s not good. From certain angles the images are distorted.

If you mean the standard front, top, left and right views you get to by numpad numbers, then you can use background images rather than planes. But those go away when you change your viewpoint, even slightly, with the mouse.

Maybe you could always view your work through a camera, and have an image plane track to that camera? That would be a major pain to work with, I think. I don’t know any way to make something track to your viewpoint in the 3D editor window.

I’ll give that a try. For now I can just set up a few planes at angles. I’m messing around with a JFK sculpt and a lot of the times I need about a 3/4 shot. You don’t know of an add-on that allows you to set layer or sculpt opacity in the viewport, do you? I would love to have my sculpt at about 30%.