Hey is there a good free human referance site? I am designing a soldier and am going to first model a human referance and then add the suit on top of it and then put bones in for animation and poses.

Oh I don’t need nudity by the way

I prefer clothed


Not sure exactly what you are looking for, but I hope this helps.

Photo References:

Well, so far as I know, the best reference images are from , which although is a pay site, it has a free section. ( and the second free section )

The best entirely free (for people) I’ve found would have to be Got3d ( the character reference section. )’s “Body” section, is great for parts of the body,

Then Hit or Miss:

The Blueprints has a “Human” Section.

Also, , has a “Sketches” section.

I Hope this helps,

I would definitely check-out first though… :yes:


okay hmm allright look instead of making my own does someone have a realistic model of a human not incredibly detailed you don’t need hair or anything like that. I just need it to build a suit on top of and then I am going to rig it and the suit together to make a futuristic soldier.

Okay… :confused:

Why not use makehuman?


I never figured out how to use it

oh never mind diff make human