Hi Friends,

 I am learning blender myself with the help of blender documentation. It developed based on blender version 2.4+. But i am using blender 2.71. So, i am unable to understand some concepts practically. So, it was very difficult to me for understanding those concepts. So, kindly help me to refer <i>some documentation</i> which was developed in <i>blender version 2.7+</i>. And also refer <i>some books</i>. Please help me friends. I will hopefully awaiting yours replies. Thanking you.

 Have a great day. :):cool:

If you’re talking about the Blender wiki documentation, you can switch the view from 2.4 versions of articles to 2.6 versions. This generally covers newer developments including the most recent version, though the documentation is updated as it can be, so there is not full perfect documentation for everything for each new release. As for books for 2.71, there are none. Books are slow to release and usually far out of date by the time they come out. I haven’t bought a Blender book since 2.49, and those books were written for 2.46 or so if I remember correctly.

I’d recommend checking out tutorials in addition to the documentation. Blender Cookie is one of the best resources out there.

This is a great place to start and he has PDF tutorials: