references images disproportioned

alright i’m trying to model a car and I cut the front/back images to match the same height. They also match the height of the side. The side, front/ back are all exactly 168 pixels high. Yet when I split the screen in blender and add the background image for the front or the back they do not height with the side view. What am I doing wrong?

In the Background Image tab is a “Size” button. You can open that tab in any 3D window and change the size for that window only.


my ROTOBox utility is being massively over looked :wink:

No need to get the images the same width/height, etc. Makes use of UV not background (which I always found a pain anyway)

As default, when an image is inserted as background, its horizontal lenght is always 10 blender units (always!).

The problem arises when you have two images of an object (front and side view) with different horizontal res. to put as backgrounds in two different 3Dviews.

Take into account that, if a front view image is put as background with default settings, a side view with different horizontal resolution can’t have the default size value if we want to have the right proportion between them.

Then, usually some calculus is necessary to find out the right size value of the second image.

The most practical, open the images with the Gimp and give them the same hor. resolution.

Calculus, I think not, but a bit of high school math will do the trick. If you don’t care about real world units, you can use a wheel or the car height as your base unit in pixels.

Have fun!

thanks for the feedback. I read that the horizontal units is always 10. My horizontal lenghs were perfectly fine. When I put the top view and side view in I didn’t have a problem. It was when I put the front view in, the vertical wasn’t matching with the side view. I think i’ll be alright, I zoomed in very close and then try to line them up the best I could. I simply thought that I might have overlooked something. I might try out the uv program sometime thanks!