Referencing external config setups from within an Addon

Hi all.

I am in the process of putting together an add-on, that needs to access a remote repository. To do this, I need to of course store the repository address somewhere in an external file.

What is the most preferred method of storing such info external to a blend file? I have seen that one can use bl_options = {‘PRESET’}, however, it seems that this just stores a snapsht of the addon’s config.

I could just put a text file in the application support directory, but this seems a little dirty. As I say, I expect there is a preferred method of doing this.

Any help appreciated. R

Sorry, just a ps.

I guess, ultimately if it is possible I would like to add a repository file path to the file menu under user preference if the add-on is enabled.


yes, it is possible to add something to addons tab in user prefs window. But it was added not so long ago, you gotta get a build from here:


Cheers CoDEmanX. Will check it out in the morning.