Refills Ain't Free - Over the Top Fighting Action

A quick(relative) month long project focusing on experimentation of new shaders, physics and storytelling. Please enjoy.

You made me smile.
Outstanding fight!!!

That was funny, after a couple of views even. Good job.

Wow, this was amazing. One thing that I thought was a little odd was the way the man drank from his cup. His elbow was too high and it looked somewhat unnatural. But other than that, it was definitely well animated, especially the action scene.

Some tech tips. Type #FRAME in Render tab -> Sampling -> Seed. Or just check the little clock besides it.

Then the noise will be random.

LOL … this was awesome!

Some of the best visual gags and comedy timing I’ve seen in Blender. Though I’m not so keen on the voice at the beginning - I’d rather see you convey that with acting.

Thank you for the comments, I really appreciate them :slight_smile:

Thanks I’ll keep that in mind for the future.