Reflect image in Droplets

Hello. I’m trying to make a scene with droplets on a window, and the droplets have a reflection of a logo like this:

Is there any possbile way to achieve this? Or will I have to render the rain drops alone and just Photoshop them in?

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I would suggest “faking it.” Forget about reality. If this is someone’s logo, in what I presume is an advertising piece, then I would go for a somewhat stylized look. For example, you might make a teardrop-shaped curve and attach the logo to it as a texture. Put that curve “slightly through” the surface of the window, so there’s no edge, and pull it down. If you like, make it “shiny” or bounce point light-sources off of it. A “wet track” could be a path that grows (separately) as the drop is moved down.

The viewer will “get it.” He’ll figure out that it’s raindrops. But, he won’t fail to see the Almighty Logo™ very clearly.