Reflecting questions

(JD-multi) #1

I tried the refelct tutorials but I’ve got some questions about reflecting. How can I give the sphere a material and you will still see the reflect. The sphere is reflecting the scene but I saw something strange, what is the dark blue plane doing in the sphere or is this the world setting??

(sonix) #2

Where have you positioned the Empty for the Sphere’s Env Map?

If it’s in the centre of the sphere that you wish to have the reflection map displayed on, that’s all good. If not you need to place it there. (Select sphere, hold shift and S, snap cur to sel, then highlight empty, shift S and Snap sel to cur.)

Do you have a copy of the dark blue plane behind the camera as well? This would cause it to appear in the reflection?

The light blue around your reflection does look like the world setting, this can be removed by stretching a sphere over the whole scene (including the camera) and then applying a texture to that. This means you don’t need to use the world settings, unless you want fog and/or stars.

Hope this is of some help.


(JD-multi) #3

The empty is in the sphere but I know what that dark plane is doing in the sphere. It’s only the world setting, because if you choose blue and white as world setting color the plane will be white so you have to choose blue and light blue and then it’s gone. :o
I made a new one and this one is really good … isn’t it ? :frowning: