Reflecting the stars?

I was just messing about with subsurfing, not doing anything serious, and added stars from the world buttons, and set the material as reflective, expecting the stars to reflect, at least a little…

But nope. No reflection from the stars, at all. I’m not using it for any project, and am really just curious, but is this intentional, or is there some way around it, or…?


raytracing doesn’t take into account particles and stars, so you have to do it with environment mapping.

Ahh, okies, thanks.

For some reason it didn’t occur to me that stars would essentially be particles. I just assumed it was a generated image like in the materials ‘images’ tab.


Just render the background of stars to an image or image sequence, then apply that rendered image to the reflection channel of the spaceship.

Hi Atom,

I’m a bit late hitting this, I know:-)

How exactly do you apply the image to the reflection channel? Are you talking about adding an image texture and then map to Ref, or an envmap, or what? I’ve played a bit with it, but can’t see what you’re referring to.


Yes, add an image texture and assign it only to REF or CMIR then enable reflection for the entire material.

You can also just assign a star map to the inside of a sphere and that should reflect.

Also, what Modron might have meant to say is that Halo particles do not reflect. Other particle types, such as object, group do reflect.

great, thanks!

Blender’s stars suck. Use a skybox or envmap.