Reflection and Alpha value


I have an object with an UV-map, in this example the box. The background is transparant.
The box reflects on the plane. (and also the shadow)
As final result I only want to see the box with his reflection and shadow on the plane not the plane itself.
So everything else should have to be transparant.

Some help please, thanks!


How can you see a shadow and a reflection on something that you can’t see?

I think what he wants a shadow and/or reflection catcher for compositing purposes. Either for video or a website app where a different background can be loaded in. Not sure if it’s in Blender, but I’m curious to see what the answer is.

You have to be very careful with your material properties:


Reflection and Shado Alpha.blend (512 KB)

Hello everyone,

I found the solution, but it wasn’t an easy way.
So i needed to have a alpha background so it could be used for compositing in Premiere Pro.
Also the reflection needed to be a little bit transparant, this way it will look natural on every background.

I became result by this combination of nodes. Is there any easier way for getting the result?
(Like there is a dropdownlist with: shadows only --> Reflections only)