Reflection and shadow - David Nelsons Motorbike


Can anyone tell me how David Nelson achieved both reflection AND shadow on the ground plane in his motorcycle rendering ??


I only seem to be able to get one or the other…



I didn’t see it, but that’s what radiosity is for. Also light mapping I think though I have not tried that yet.

Ok this is simple,

The probable reason that you cannot see the shadows on your ground plane may well be that the reflectivity is set too high.

So if your ground plane’s reflection texture is set to col = 1.0 and you have selected “cmir” as an option, then the reflection would be so powerful as to drown out the shadows…

So lower the value of your reflection map – That should do the trick :smiley:

Besides that I don’t think radiosity has any part on it I don’t see the problem.

Set the Col and Var sliders of your envmap to a value less than the default 1. This should make the shadows show :slight_smile:


MMMM… this is a QUESTION!!!