Reflection blur/glow

Hi, first I feel the need to say this is an attempt in recreating a render from another artist. I trying to make a glow from the sign, and getting close to where I’m happy with that. However I noticed it’s not affecting the reflection of the sign in the puddles, the puddles were created with a single plane with a gloss material, and the ground was deformed in order to show the gloss material. any ideas what im doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!

you’re blurring/making glow the sign with a mask id, aren’t you? so you only get that blurred.
You might want to make the blur on the whole image via a glare node which blurs according to an brightness threshold. Though you should have the reflection bright enough, so a standard water shader might dim it too much. Try using a full glossy shader (white color)

Thanks, Ill give that a try!