reflection & displacement map help

I found out in the other post that I need to place an empty at the same place as the camera but on the opposite side of the plane for a planar reflection - seems to be working now. But I still can’t get the transparency working.

I also finally got my displacements working after putting the nor value up. But why does the displacement texture still displace the surface when the disp value is at 0? The nor value seems to affect the texture more than the disp value.

I read too that you need to subdivide the surface first so I did that. I don’t like that you need so high subdivisions for the surface to look smooth though - especially because my subdiv level only goes to 6 (anyone know why this is?) so sometimes I have to add extra detail to the geometry. I think the developer is making an adaptive version so that detail is added where needed.

It would be nice if this was done with all parts of Blender. I think the way other renderers do it is called micro-polygon rendering. I wonder if yafray does this. I know aqsis does - it’s a very cool feature. Like on displacements, you would only need more polys where there was a sharp change in the texture. It would speed rendering up a lot.

OOPs, just realised there is another post with the exact same title. Sorry about that.

I’ve decided to change it.