reflection idea for next release!

hey i just had this idea that i would like for the next blender release.
for reflections(at least faking them), to have a mesh show what a blender camera is seeing.
i know people have used web cams on a mesh so i think this would work.
so for a reflection all you’d have to do is put the cam in the center of the mirroring object.
what do you think?

what do you think?

This has already been done. Search the forums for something called the Video Texture Player. The only problem is that it only works on 2.45 and it can be rather slow.

No one is willing to invest the time to do a render-to-texture function right now, which is usually how reflection is done.

well i still think it wold be nice if al you had to do is click 2 or 3 buttons and have it work.:yes:
just hopeing for it to be that way in the next release.:wink:
it would be nice.:slight_smile:

funny how i was just going to make a topic asking how to do this:

" I was wondering how you could go about getting the Buffer Display from a camera and rendering to an image."

Anyhow i forgot to mention. What you are saying, (Your instant ‘idea’) is almost how you would go about doing reflections and refraction.