Reflection in eevee


how do i reflect a curved glass on eevee?

thank you

is there at least one way to “simulate” reflection in curved glass?
or flat glass?

Take a look at this thread by eklein they discuss good glass for Eevee

what is the limitation of making reflection material in eeve with the roughness parameter?

the objects appear reflective but at the same time do not reflect the objects in the scene.

is there any limitation?

thank you

Yes there are limitations. Firstly in eevee you have to turn on scene space reflections in the render settings to get the objects to reflect each other. The big limitation with this is that It will only reflect faces visible to the camara and the reflections will fade away in the faces that are not visible from your view. They are not complete. The workaround is refection planes and cubes and banking reflections (which also have limitations). Check out these videos that explain a bit.

The real solution unfortunately is cycles (or other ray-tracing renders) :frowning:

But if you can live with the limitations eevee is faster!

If you are making reflections with enough roughness screen space reflections work ok If you are making a mirror or a sharp reflective surface you would probably have to use reflection probes.

is there a way for an object to be in front of the camera without being visible?

like the “2 side” of 3ds max?

the object is in front of the camera but is it visible only from the other side?

does this help with roughness reflexes?

actually the object is invisible to the camera but can be seen in reflections

I am not sure if there is a function like this, it is not something that I have ever tried to do. In cycles you can use the light path node to have things visible in reflections only. I am not sure if you can do this with eevee as not all the outputs of the lightpath node work in eevee.

From the manual:

Eevee has no real concept of rays. But in order to ease the workflow between Cycles and Eevee some of the outputs are supported in particular cases. This node makes it possible to tweak indirect lighting in the shader.

Only a subset of the outputs is supported and the ray depth has not exactly the same meaning:

  • Is Camera : Supported.
  • Is Shadow : Supported.
  • Is Diffuse : Supported.
  • Is Glossy : Supported.
  • Is Singular : Not supported. Same as Is Glossy.
  • Is Reflection : Not supported. Same as Is Glossy.
  • Is Transmission : Not supported. Same as Is Glossy.
  • Ray Length : Not supported. Defaults to 1.0.
  • Ray Depth : Indicates the current bounce when baking the light cache.
  • Diffuse Depth : Same as Ray Depth but only when baking diffuse light.
  • Glossy Depth : Same as Ray Depth but only when baking specular light.
  • Transparent Depth : Not supported. Defaults to 0.
  • Transmission Depth : Not supported. Same as Glossy Depth.

I think that you should check out reflection probes, see the second video that I linked earlier.
Eevee will reflect environment hdri’s perfectly well, If you want a specific object (or scene) to be part of that hdri for reflections you could make your own hdri with cycles and the equirectangular camera

There is also a script to do equirectangular camera in eevee by
The link is in this thread:

have you tried Light Probe > Reflection Cubemap? Doesn’t work for animated objects though

you said :
The big limitation with this is that It will only reflect faces visible to the camara and the reflections will fade away in the faces that are not visible from your view.

can you explain this in more detail?

See the first video I mentioned above at min 5.45 he explains the problem.

It’s only a limitation if you use only one Cubemap for several reflecting objects, other than that I would say that the main limitation is that it won’t reflect an animation, so you would have to bake and render each frame

I was talking about the limitations of screen space reflections not cubemaps.

oh sorry, I was watching the second video :wink:

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is there a date for eevee to have real-time ray-tracing supported by Nvidia RTX cards?
both reflexes as Gi and other resources?

I do not think so, I found this thread in dev talk: