Reflection map


Is there any way to make a reflection map vary in its reflectivity over the surface of an object. For example, if you wanted to make the nose on a face appear more reflective than the cheeks?


Yes, their called specular maps, ive never made a face before but if you google youll probably be sure to get some tutorial.

That didn’t work, but I used a stencil, that got it.

You could also use a texture to affect the RayMir setting in Map To panel of the Material buttons.

some good doc on this would be nice

and how do you maek one of thses reflec map?

i mean can you do it inside blender?
can you use a color JPG and set no RGB to make one ?

i did not see lot’s of good tut intro to this subject before

same thing can be said about other map in Map out panel?
like for Raymir Transluc emit displa spec ref cmir

i dont know but theses feature seems to be there but not much doc to have a deep understanding and how to make theses!


You make them the same way you make any other map. The documentation is all written for using Image and texture maps. Once you can use a map for color, you can use it for any of those other things. Hover your mouse over the buttons, and they tell you which channels they affect. There’s nothing special or magical about these other applications of the map. I think it’s not so much that each of those buttons needs an in-depth doc. If you understand the basics of the material system (for which there are plenty of existing docs), the functions of these buttons is self-explanatory.

You are also correct that using the “no RGB” button is necessary.

well i saw i think this was on COG site a way to make a Reflection map
but this had to be done in black and white to let only a portion of the underlying image have a reflection ( something like a mask was also required ) map so that’s why i’m saying there is not much in wiki to show how to work manipulate or make theses type of maps to get proper results and where it should affect the background image

and many peoples have ask on blender forum how to do some good reflection or other type of map as indicated in Map out panel

it does not need to be super details but some doc in wiki would help new comers or even other people to remind them how to do theses maps!

i know that for people who have been using blender for years it seems so easy to do
but when you are beginning it’s not obvious at all !

anyway if anybody knows some good tut site let me know please

Happy blendering

hdri_map + ref in material panel
set the black to alpha

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ok HDRI this is another special mapping technic which can be use in blender

and yafaray too who has a good intro to this technic!

but would like to see the same sort of tut for each of the mapping in map out panel

happy blendering

You make all of those maps in the same way, and it doesn’t matter whether they are procedural or image textures. Make a b&w image (or a color one and use “no RGB”), map it. Use the color channel to start so you can see where the map flows on the object. Then, for example, enable Ray Mirror in the material. Set the Mirror value to 0. Enable RayMir in the texture slot (and disable color). The black and white image is now used to code for Mirror values. Same way with Alpha map, Translucency map, etc. Set their material value to 0 and enable the appropriate button in Map To.

If you’ve ever used an alpha map, it’s exactly the same procedure.

the principales is realatively simple agreed on that

but when you say for instance use an RGB pic to make a reflection map

the reflection values you get from the equivalent black and white ( No RGB ) does not imply that it will give a nice reflection map
you may end up with reflections where you don’t want to have reflections

so tha’ts where you may have to also produce an independant black and white map use may be as a mask to hide certain part of you model where you don’t want to see bad reflecftions

but theses are things that are not well explain in wiki page and i would definitively like to see some improvement in that field not only for me but for eveybody who is beginning in this blender world which has so many options and possibilities
which when you begin makes it confusing and complicated!