reflection map

just wondering how do you make a specularity map in blender i dont see it in the bake panel, where is anybody making their reflection map or what program to use thanks.

Would a ‘Full Render’ bake do the trick?

as far as i am concern no, i think it has to be some kind of grayscale image does any body else have their way of doing reflection maps for blender


If your thinking a grayscale map, are you wanting it to affect how much mirror is applied. If not, then what if there’s a red cube in front of your model?

I’ve just tried it and got what i’d expect…

i am sorry i made a mistake what i mean is specularity map how do you doing in blende if it could be done

hey thanks rarebit exactly what i was looking for

I´d like to step in here.

That is a lighting map in that tutorial.
Basically you bake a highlight onto the texture. That is no specularity map, more of an incomplete lightmap.

You´d need a specularity map within a game engine for instance if you make a tiled floor. You got one material with the floor texture with its tiles, now the material should have a higher specularity on the tiles, as they are very even, where the seams usually are very rough and dull.

That´s a specularity map.
Or if you got a piece of armor in your texture with leather and metal. Where you need to change the specularity value of a material with a texture of different real world materials with a texture map.

That does not answer your question though =)
I usually create my specularity maps manually when texturing.

arexma that one thing i was noticing that in the tutorial it says to bake the normal map from the node it really dont make sence how do you make your specular map manually

There’s simple, hmm I can do that ways… then there’s let’s start with some tut’s…