Reflection map

Hey, if i set a texture to Reflection.
Is. it possible to make it not rotate at the Z axis even if the came rotate?

Do you mean view dependent reflections? You need node setup or shader for equirectangular or cubemap reflection mapping in that case.

Does nodes even work in game engine?

Yes, even some of cycles nodes. You can make a node material in BGE, than switch to cycles, add needed nodes and switch back.
For example, layer weight, fresnel, environment map, texture coordinate nodes work, but normal map, all of BSDF shader nodes, cycles output node and some other don’t. Environment map uses equirectangular, but has werid artifacts due to mipmapping problem. That is why my and martinsh PBR node is not aviable yet. However, you can try using it as it still looks good enaugh. Or you can use cubemap, for example, HG1s real time cubemap node, but not render - add your own cubemap images and use it. After BGMC I may make some tutorials of using reflections in nodes in multiple ways:)