Reflection Maps and Textures

A while back i made a game called Slimeball Madness. I ran into a small problem during the development of the game but i ignored it. Since then i’ve started a new project and i need to solve this problem. So here’s my question…

Is there any way to have a UV mapped texture on a model and have a reflection map as a layer on top of the texture?

For example: In Slimeball Madness i wanted to have a coin texture on the coin but i wanted it to be reflective as well, and i was unable to have both the reflection map and the texture on the coin mesh at the same time, so i just left the reflection map there.

Is there any way to solve this problem? Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

glsl can do it with a blending strength equation and the reflection of the skydome, but not really much else when it comes to reflection atleast from what i’ve seen. It would be complicated to make the script though i don’t know enough to pull it off. You would need to understand the normal matrix and view matrix then you could determine if a vert normal or plane normal was pointing at the camera then the reflection plane would dominate the blending ratio. As the normal angle compared to the camer view became greater the texture map would start to dominate.

Wow… that’s insanely complex for a task so simple. Does anyone know of another method that does not involve GLSL?

You can do this with the “use blender materials” option. Just use two texture channels on one material. One your UV map the other your reflection map.

Thanks blenderage! I knew this was possible because ive seen it done before = )