reflection ocean 2.61


i can’t make the ocean reflection with the sky.
my ocean still grey, i dont uderstand why…

Ocean.blend (411 KB)

It’s working here maybe your just not seeing it. Do you get a " cant load image error in the textures under image? Un check the texture and make the material red and see if you can see it then. Remember the waves are at a angel and reflecting all over. The best way is get a panoramic spherical image you can map to the world texture or a sphere. I see a wave that is reflecting where the camera is( just to give you a idea.

great idea, i understand what you mean, nevertheless when i try to apply my image sky as world, i have only color to choose, how to applicate the entire image for world map ?

If you use this image it will stretch. this is my idea for this small image. Use a cube. put everything in the cube. Then in textures for the cube change mapping from flat to cube. In materials remove specular and add emit . But the camera can only see one side of the cube or you will see a seam.
Or you can get another image. i googled this just now Its up to you to check license.
Do the same just use a sphere and map to a sphere. And you need the lamp inside the sphere with the water
i like mapping to a object rather then the world it seems more easy and you have more options.
But if you want to map to the world use Equirectangular in mapping and check horizon and zenith up, and in world check real sky…i think.