reflection of glow (emit)


I was hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have created a glow object using node editor and even added a bit of emit to the object which wraps around the object. I would like the glow to reflect off another object. The issue I’m having is that the place I would like it to reflect is on the backside of the camera view. I have tried adding reflection to the object but it doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks you all out there for answering such silly questions.

  • just to add… i’m getting reflectiveness on the object that I want to shine back some of the glow it’s just not reflecting the glowing.

The emit source is not a light source so as i know of it won’t shine in any other objects!

so if you need some reflection just add a smal lamp or post where you need this reflection
and lower the value to what ever level you need to get the needed reflection
and make you object receiving light with some Mirror

hope it helps

The fact that emitting materials don’t actually emit light is one of my #1 annoyances in Blender. I hear Luxrender uses emitting materials as actual lightsources. But if you want to stay within Blender I think you’ll need to listen to RickyBlender.

I can’t seem to get it to work. I believe the problem is that the emitting surface is at an angle from the camera. I can put a lamp right in front of the emit surface but it doesn’t seem to show up unless the camera is in a certain view angle.

Any ideas how to fix this?

instead of trying to reflect light off of an object out of view, perhaps you could use lights set up where the reflecting object would be to emit light that would look as if it was reflected off something.

I don’t know if this would work or not, but would it be possible to duplicate the emitter object (shift-D) then mirror the emitter about what axis would correlate to the reflective plane. Assuming the random seed and everything else is the same, you would have a mirror image of the emitted particles. Then using compositing (Z and Alpha), let the “reflected emitter” not be blocked by the actual reflective surface and it would appear to be reflecting. Again, I don’t know if this would actually work or not, but just a thought that maybe stimulates some additional ideas.

I think the problem could be that the glow is happening post render in the composite section. There is no way to reflect post processing effects, like glow/glare, in the scene.

my #1 annoyances in Blender.

You shouldn’t be so quick to abandon your Lux idea. It is a great renderer and easy to use. Once you start using real lights, you will wonder how the Blender Internal render system can be in this woeful state.