Reflection of Static Particles


I’ve tried looking thru a lot of faq’s and the Blender Knowledge base, but couldn’t find the answer there.

So, here’s my question:
I want to make a Christmas tree with balls in it. I’ve made some parts of the tree and they are looking nice (enough), I’ve made them with static particles on a mesh wich is basicly just some points.
The problem is that I can’t get a reflection in the balls, which is very important, because I want to do close-ups (using the reflection-options of the latest Blender), it reflects everything else in the scene, just not my christmas tree :frowning:

TNX in advance!

Ps: I’ve seen some indirect evidence that maybe static particles cannot be reflected, in that case does anybody have another idea how to make a goodlooking Christmas-tree?

I also read somewhere that static particles don’t show up in raytraced reflections. You could use environment mapped reflections instead.

Another way to make trees is the L-System Script. Have a look at the image “Winter” in the Blender area of my gallery. The trees are made with L-System.

Ok TNX, I’ll try that.
Environment mapping reflection is something I’m not very good in, so I’m thinking of using L-system in combination with the Fiber-script. I hope my computer can handle that :slight_smile:

Your gallery looks really nice by the way especially your ancient fountain and the beach of balance.