Reflection pass from shadeless material???

Is it possible to get a reflection pass off of a shadeless material??? I just get black when i hook up the reflect output to the viewer node.

I just have a cube over a white plane with ray traced reflections turned on for the plane and the material set to shadeless. I can see the cube reflected in the render, but the nothing in the reflect layer pass in the node compositor.

Thanks for any info.

Bump. :wink:
Sorry, but does anyone have any ideas about this? Is it not possible to get render passes off of a shadeless material, is it a bug?


i have the same trouble. Almost. I need to composite the reflection pass over a picture, but i don’t know how to do it. :frowning: Still searching…

shadeless materials do not respond to light or reflections. they are self-illumating. they are not shaded by a shader. they are shade-less. If you want an image-textured object to reflect, disable shadeless, use a diffuse of 1.0, and enable ray mirror. Then you should see the image blended with the reflection and will get a reflection pass.

That is what I thought. I guess the part that confuses me is that even though shadeless is enabled I still get a reflection on the material if ray mirror is also turned on.

Now after playing around a bit more in the compositor I was able to sort of pull out a reflection. If I just pass the reflection pass to a viewer node I get just get a black output, however if I create an rgb input then mix the reflection pass with it I can see the reflection of the object, although the reflection does not appear to be antialiased. I guess I’m just curious as to what is going on here?

meschoyez: I think all you need to do is add a mix node to combine them. Connect your reflection pass output to one of the image inputs on the mix node and connect the image output of your image to the other image input of the mix node and that should get you pointed in the right direction.

Well, i’ve arrived to this so far. I dunno if it’s well managed, but i’m still learning. :wink: